Trip to Kosovo — October, 2012

It is always so rewarding to visit Kosovo. Our first trip was in the fall of 1999, just 3 months after the NATO bombing. That trip required a 16 hour drive over two mountain ranges and the traversing of myriad craters in what remained of roads that had been hit by air-to-surface missles, not to mention the occasional river bed due to a bombed out bridge. During the two previous years our work had been focused in central Bosnia, but seeing the more immediate need in Kosovo, we decided to move our full-time work there in the summer of 2000.

Since 2004 we have been based out of Serbia, making the 450 km drive to Kosovo as often as possible. Our work continues in the Serbian enclaves there in spite of the difficult conditions and daily struggles that our friends and former students suffer due to the ongoing ethnic strife and inequality.

On this trip we were able to distribute our character-building curriculum as well as 15 sponsored copies of the “Little Reader” computer program thanks to the generous in-kind donation of Brill Kids and the Early Education for Every Child Foundation (EEECF).

To view the photos below on Healing Hearts Balkans Facebook page, click here.

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