Free Distribution of LEGO(c) and DUPLO(c) Sets


Free Distribution of LEGO(c) and DUPLO(c) Sets

Since the summer of 2013, Healing Hearts Balkans has distributed hundreds of boxes of donated LEGO(c) and DUPLO(c) sets to schools, kindergartens, institutions, hospitals, and poor families across the Balkans, and as far away as Poland, Ukraine, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Why Distribute LEGO (c) and DUPLO (c) to Children-at-Risk

 Anna interacting with children-at-risk as they explore the amazing world of LEGO!  

Since the summer of 2013 we have been busy distributing donated sets of Lego© and Duplo© to children-at-risk and needy institutions. Our goal is to nurture creative young mindsets by encouraging their intrinsic inborn motivation.

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