Loving Those in Need

In Luke 14:16–24, Jesus told the parable about a man who “gave a great banquet and invited many” and he sent his servant to “Go out quickly to the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in the poor and...
Press Release: “Healing Hearts Balkans Assisting Ukrainian Refugees”

Press Release: “Healing Hearts Bal...

With over 25 years of experience in Slovenia, Bosnia/Hercegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and Kosovo since 1995, our volunteers are well-suited to assist these…

My Search for Buried Treasure

My Search for Buried Treasure

My search took me out of my native country, and soon I was traveling all over Scandinavia looking for answers, looking for satisfaction, looking for my buried treasure.

Our Heavenly Insurance is Full Kasko

As missionaries, our heavenly insurance is full kasko! Following are just some of the things our Heavenly Father protects us from: Rioting protection: We were in Hyderabad, Pakistan as part of our mission to...

Faith to Endure

Now with winter fully come, it’s interesting to take a moment to watch the different skiing competitions that are taking place. I was listening to one of the cross-country athletes tell how difficult...
Collecting LEGO and DUPLO for free distribution

Collecting LEGO and DUPLO for free distr...

In spite of the Covid travel restrictions we have been able to collect donated LEGO and DUPLO that we will be able to freely distribute in the Baltics this summer.

The Mission of Healing Hearts Balkans

Our mission from the beginning has always been one of changing the world one heart at a time. By sharing the Light and Love of God with the world, we are doing our part to make the world a better place. During these times of uncertainty, each one of us needs more than ever to do whatever is necessary to help those in need.

God’s Insurance Policy

God’s Insurance Policy

We have been doing our humanitarian work in the war-ravaged countries of the Balkans for 20 years and have never had a single accident, in spite of …

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Living an Extraordinary Life

In their book "Living an Extraordinary Life", Geoffrey & Anna Wormus, Co-Directors of Healing Hearts Balkans, relate many exciting real-life adventures from their Christian and humanitarian service over more than 40 years and across 5 continents.

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God’s Insurance Policy