Keys to the Containers

In Kosovo we often had cooperation with different NATO military contingents that had been sent by their countries to assist in the peace-keeping effort while the U.N. administration was trying to sort things out. One of our closest relationships was with the British troops. Because of our cooperation with the different military units, we were able to get ID’s that allowed us to enter the bases. Usually our work was with the CIMIC (Civilian Military Cooperation) officer. The CIMIC officer at the main British base knew about our charitable activities in the field, and one day while visiting him, one of our officer friends told us that they had just received 4 containers full of donated items that had been collected by school children and churches in Scotland.

The problem was, they had absolutely no idea who needed it most, and no time to give it out. So they wanted to know if we would like to take charge of the distribution. This was like a heavenly delivery service handing us the keys to a treasure house so that we could pass it on to others in need. We quickly agreed and they drove us to where the containers were parked and gave us the keys! Thankfully it had all been very neatly packed and organized before sending, so it was easy to see what was for women, for men, for children, etc. No matter how much we would give out, there always seemed to be more. We spent most of our time in small villages and mountain enclaves that were so isolated that they got little or no aid – and certainly not any visits from foreign aid agencies. They were always so very thankful for our thinking of them, and understanding their need. Their grateful hearts really warmed our souls.