God’s Insurance Policy

I was in the mechanic’s office getting some work done on our camper and when the daughter of the owner came in. I struck up a conversation with her and mentioned how driving in Finland is quite safe compared to some of the countries in which we have been living while going about our humanitarian activities. Her reply surprised me as she said that she has accidents nearly every day! I told her how we have been doing our humanitarian work in the war-ravaged countries of the Balkans for 20 years and have never had a single accident, in spite of the fact that the roads are narrow and often in terrible condition, are always plagued with potholes and sometimes even large craters made by missiles that had been fired at truck convoys. In Kosovo where we lived for 5 years, many drivers didn’t have licenses as things were so unorganized, and often the traffic lights weren’t working and regulations were not being enforced! So were we just “lucky”? Or was my husband such an excellent driver? By law it is required to have liability insurance when operating a motor vehicle, and this girl was sure thankful for that. But our confidence has never been in man’s forms of insurance. Our actual coverage, the one that gives us the faith to drive under such horrible conditions with confidence, is knowing that we are covered by the blessing and favor of God! That is what has kept us safe all those years and continues to do so to this day. So I asked this girl whether or not she felt she had God’s protection when she was out, and she confessed that she needed that in her life! When we are on the road following God’s call in our service to Him, we have His pillar of fire guiding us by night, and His cloud by day (Exodus 13:21-22). Yes, we have liability insurance on our camper, but it is God who is our refuge and strength, and it’s under His wings that we do trust (Psalm 91:2,4). With His Holy Spirit in us (John 14:17), and His angels watching over us (Psalm 91:11), we have nothing to worry about. Not even full casco can offer that kind of protection!

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