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Healing Hearts Balkans is involved in a variety of charitable activities throughout each month, including: Services to the handicapped and the poor, distribution of donated Lego and Duplo sets, teaching and training of Roma children, distribution of humanitarian aid, coaching of youth, music therapy, and more.

Merry Christmas from Healing Hearts Balkans!

 Healing Hearts Balkans_newsletter2  

We wish you all a blessed and happy New Year 2017! Healing Hearts Balkans is fully supported by your donations. We invite you to click on the “How You Can Help” tab and give what you can to assist us in aiding others throughout 2017. Thank you!

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Winter Shoes and Other Aid for Refugees in the Balkans

 6. Distribution of shoes fom our van 1  

We had worked with refugees from the Balkan wars of the 90′s for over 20 years in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Serbia, but this latest flood of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries of the Mideast and Africa was on a level that we had never experienced before.

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Latest News

 Distribution of humanitarian aid in Romania.  

Healing Hearts Balkans publishes a quarterly newsletter to let all our partners and friends know what we have been up to over the previous few months. We invite you to take a look. Please fill up the contact form if you would like our news delivered directly to your Inbox as soon as it comes out.

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Christmas with the Refugees

 A special Christmas Eve dinner and activity evening.  

This Christmas has been a very special time for us, as we have been able to share the reason for the holiday season with refugees from the Mideast and Africa.

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Ministering to Refugees in Southern Europe

 Slovenian refugee center_1  

In our continuing effort to relieve the suffering of the thousands of refugees that are crossing through southern Europe from the Mideast and Africa in an attempt to enter the EU, we have had the opportunity to volunteer with a Slovenian charity that is helping to run a refugee transit center that can hold up to 5,000 refugees at one time.

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