More Aid for Roma Gypsy Settlement

We had been talking to two of our friends about how we were helping the poor Roma settlement near to us and how we had recently brought them a donated generator so they could have electricity in the evenings, since the isolated area where they are living does not have running water or electricity. The young couple, who are not so well off themselves, said they wanted to donate to them some warm bedding and other things for the winter. When we suggested they come along with us to give the gifts themselves, they were thankful for the opportunity.

We had to park the car about 200 mts away and carry the aid, which included sacks of potatoes, onions, and flour. For people who have never seen close up how poor Roma families live, the first impression can be quite a shock. But our friends, Buki and Jelena, did quite well and were beneficial in also helping to translate since the Roma’s Serbian language can sometimes be hard to understand. The Roma children there are beginning to really brighten up, and always look forward to our visits as they now look at us like grandparents!

The harsh Balkan winter will soon be setting in. They have some wood that they have been gathering in preparation for the cold temperatures to come, but their frail shacks are very poorly constructed, without insulation, and drafty. Several have severe roof problems. If you would like to help these poor people, you can send a designated gift towards this cause, and we will see that it is used to alleviate their suffering this winter.

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