Easter Retreat/Seminar for Christian Volunteers from 15 Countries


Over the long Easter weekend in April, 2012 we were able to host our 2nd Annual Easter Retreat/Seminar for Christian Volunteers.  All together we had 40 attendees who had traveled from 15 different countries (including Mexico, Canada, and Fiji) come together to enjoy five days in the pristine Fruška Gora hills on the south bank of the Danube River above Novi Sad, Serbia. This year’s seminar attendees was a mixed-bag of older folks and young people, and included eastern European nationals from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Workshops and discussion points focused on what different individuals were doing in their own personal situations to help “change the world one heart at-a-time” – the slogan of Healing Hearts Balkans. Among the many exciting activities mentioned, one that stood out was from a team working in Croatia that is spreading the message of “What Everybody Needs is Love” to the world by painting full-color wall murals in schools, institutions, and various public places. Having worked in the war-torn region of the former Yugoslavia for 15 years, and having seen the immense need for such sacrificial and whole-hearted volunteerism in this part of the world, it touched our hearts to hear the testimonies and see so many people doing what they can do, day in and day out, to better the lives of those less-advantaged than themselves. There was, of course, a lot of time for relaxing, walking on the forest trails, visiting the historic Petrovaradin Fortress, and touring the center of Novi Sad city. All in all, it was an honor to be able to spend 5 wonderful days with like-minded individuals, share hearts, visions, and goals, and to pray for one another for the coming year. Attendees returned home happy, rested, re-inspired, and looking forward to next year’s meeting!

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