Where’s Our Car?

We were on our way to visit the American NATO base for eastern Kosovo in our aging VW Golf. Because of the location of the base it was difficult to find a place to park, and so we ended up asking a gas station across from the main entrance to the base if we could park in his station, to which he agreed. After spending an hour or so on the base, we came out to find our car was gone. We naturally assumed that it had been stolen, since there is a lot of crime in these regions that have been in a war fever. But before reporting it to the police, we decided to ask the guard detail at the entrance to the base if they had seen anything. They said, “Oh, was that your car? We were afraid it was a car-bomb, and so called the police to come and take it away. You should have told us. You’re lucky we didn’t blow it up right where it sat!”

So now we were on foot, and had to make our way to the police impound lot. Thankfully a U.N. police vehicle happened by, and we flagged him over. He was very friendly, and after explaining our situation he found out where the police lot was located and agreed to drive us there. He even talked to the attendant of the lot and instructed him to let our car out without any charges. Whew! Even when we make mistakes, the Lord is merciful and has his angels in place to take care of every little detail!