Services to the Handicapped and the Poor

Since 1995, Healing Hearts Balkans has been serving the handicapped and the poor across the region of the former Yugoslavia — an area that has been ravaged by war and sanctions for over 20 years. View photos here  and here.

Supplying Electricity to an Isolated Roma Encampment


Over 7 years ago while driving along an isolated country road we noticed a small Roma encampment of a few dilapidated shacks next to a tiny stream. Since we generally carry some humanitarian aid in the back of our vehicle, we stopped and went down to give them what we had with us…

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Distribution of Humanitarian Aid and other Services to the Poor

Anna distributing humanitarian aid

Thanks to the generous donations of food, clothing, shoes, toys, hygienic supplies, and a wide variety of other gifts-in-kind, Healing Hearts Balkans volunteers are able to regularly distribute humanitarian aid to those in need.

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Services to the handicapped and those with special needs


Since our arrival in the former Yugoslavia in 1995, besides helping in the post-war recovery, one of the areas that we identified as being very needy and one that we wanted to focus our attention on was that of helping the handicapped and those with special needs.

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