Services to the Handicapped and the Poor

Since 1995, Healing Hearts Balkans has been serving the handicapped and the poor across the region of the former Yugoslavia — an area that has been ravaged by war and sanctions for over 20 years. View photos here  and here.

Free distribution of both LEGO (c) and DUPLO (c) donated by the Lego Foundation

School children in DRC experience the fun of LEGO (c) for the very first time!

In recent months we have been busy distributing donated sets of Lego© and Duplo© to needy institutions in various countries…we would like to thank the Lego Foundation in Billund, Denmark, for their very generous contribution and help towards this charitable initiative.

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The free distribution of humanitarian aid to Kosovo, Albania, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Serbia.

Anna displaying the contents of one of the Lego boxes

After a safe drive down from Scandinavia with a van full of humanitarian aid, we have begun the distribution by visiting Kosovo, a province that is still suffering in the aftermath of political and ethnic turmoil, and wallows in an uncertain limbo regarding its future status. We also have deliveries scheduled for Albania, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Poland and Serbia.

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Christmas Continues through January!

After our program, the gift packages were given to each child as they filed out of the bulding.

When the Christmas “shoe box” gift packages come to Serbia, there are literally thousands that need to be distributed all across northern Serbia. With schools closed for 2 weeks for winter holidays, that means the distribution usually stretches out through a good part of January…

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Christmas 2012 “Shoe Box” Gift Distribution to Roma children

Roma chid opening his Christmas "shoe box" gift package.

Roma children are not used to receiving gifts at Christmas, or at any other time of the year for that matter. It’s a hard fact of their young lives that standards are low, life is hard, and if there’s ever any money around, it will go to buy food. How wonderfully satisfying was it then for us to be able to be a blessing and the hands of Jesus during this Christmas season by bringing the children Christmas “shoe box” gift packages…

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More Aid for Roma Gypsy Settlement

Carrying aid to the isolated Roma encampment

We had been talking to two of our friends about how we were helping the poor Roma settlement near to us and how we had recently brought them a donated generator so they could have electricity in the evenings, since the isolated area where they are living does not have running water or electricity. The young couple, who are not so well off themselves, said they wanted to donate to them some warm bedding and other things for the winter…

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