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Faith to Endure

Now with winter fully come, it’s interesting to take a moment to watch the different skiing competitions that are taking place. I was listening to one of the cross-country athletes tell how difficult her training had been and how she had to endure such stress and pain in order to reach the top level required […]

God’s Insurance Policy

God’s Insurance Policy

We have been doing our humanitarian work in the war-ravaged countries of the Balkans for 20 years and have never had a single accident, in spite of …

The Power of Peace

The Power of Peace

During these turbulent times [Spring, 2020 — Coronavirus pandemic], what most people need is peace. Countries where people are suffering from war are desperate for peace. People who are facing sickness or loss of income are looking for peace of mind. But when Jesus talked of peace, what sort of peace was He referring to? […]


Normally we don’t like to have artificial flowers in our house. We prefer the real thing. The trouble with real flowers is, sooner or later they die…

How Big is Your God?

What would have happened had Moses tried to figure out what was needed to accomplish God’s command? One of the biggest arithmetical miracles in the world was required in the desert.

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