Bringing Healing and Hope to Refugees

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Since 1995 Healing Hearts Balkans has been working with refugees and displaced people from Croatia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, and Kosovo following the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. Now more recently with the overwhelming influx of refugees into Europe from the Mideast and Africa, our emphasis has shifted toward bringing relief and hope to the thousands of poor, desperate souls who have braved long, treacherous journeys to the borders of Europe in search of peace and a place of refuge.

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Ministering to Refugees in Southern Europe

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In our continuing effort to relieve the suffering of the thousands of refugees that are crossing through southern Europe from the Mideast and Africa in an attempt to enter the EU, we have had the opportunity to volunteer with a Slovenian charity that is helping to run a refugee transit center that can hold up to 5,000 refugees at one time.

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Show your Solidarity with the Refugee Crisis!


We at Healing Hearts Balkans join the NGO’s that have signed the Open Letter at and call on all the governments of Europe to act immediately and decisively to alleviate the suffering that is being experienced by the thousands of refugees still moving through south-eastern Europe.

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HHB and the European Refugee Crisis

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Healing Hearts Balkans has initiated several programs whereby we are able to both give physical assistance and humanitarian aid where possible, as well as provide motivational training programs in refugee centers …

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