Aid and training to the Roma gypsy community

One of the greatest and most difficult questions facing Europe is that of the Roma people. The decade 2005-2015 has been deemed the “Decade of Roma Inclusion”. Since its inception in 1995, Healing Hearts Balkans has been whole-heartedly doing its part to improve the lives of the Roma community in a number of ways. Serbia and Kosovo have large numbers of Roma, many of whom have been dislocated by war and ethnic discrimination, and since 2004 Healing Hearts Balkans has been concentrating a large proportion of its time to Roma activities, including training and education of Roma children, instruction and training of Roma youth and parents, and aid distribution in Roma encampments and to the Roma population in general wherever they may be found. View photos here.

Training of Roma Children

Training Roma children for article

As is common in all areas with a large Roma population, in Serbia and Kosovo there is a glaring lack of training amongst Roma children in basic courtesy, manners, and what could be summarized as “character”. Poor or no school attendance has long been recognized as a huge problem amongst Roma children, but what about “character-building”.

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