Ministering to Refugees in Southern Europe

In our continuing effort to relieve the suffering of the thousands of refugees that are crossing through southern Europe from the Mideast and Africa in an attempt to enter the EU, we have had the opportunity to volunteer with a Slovenian charity that is helping to run a refugee transit center that can hold up to 5,000 refugees at one time. Once the flow of refugees walking overland from Greece has reached the Slovenian border with Croatia, the Slovenia government is busing them through Slovenian territory.

We had brought a van load of aid that  friends of our charity had collected in northern Europe as they wanted to do something to help our work with the refugees. This camp had a massive “free store” where the refugees can go through and take whatever they might need for their ongoing journey once they are given permission to carry on into the EU. The camp was very thankful for our contribution, especially for the men’s shoes, as those always seem to be in short supply.

Slovenian refugee center_1

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