HHB and the European Refugee Crisis

War and destruction across the Mideast and Africa continues on a daily basis, with no foreseeable end in the near future. As a result, hundreds of thousands have lost their homes or livelihood and been made refugees. With nowhere else to go, many have been streaming into Europe over the past few months, primarily from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other African countries. These poor, desperate souls have braved long, treacherous journeys in search of peace and a place of refuge. Some hope to stay in Europe, but most would prefer to return to their home countries and ways of life once the unrest and upheaval has ceased.

Healing Hearts Balkans has initiated several programs whereby we are able to both give physical assistance and humanitarian aid where possible, as well as provide motivational training programs in refugee centers in order to bring encouragement and a sense of purpose back into the lives of those that have been beaten, down-trodden, and brought to a place of desperation through no fault of their own.

Regugees 1

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