Healing Hearts Now in the Baltics!

Recently we have been broadening our sphere of influence into the Baltic countries, specifically Latvia, beginning with an initial trip to the capital, Riga. Carrying a large quantity of high-quality Finnish-made winter boots for children along with a box of New Testaments, we launched out by faith to see how the Lord would lead us.

Upon arrival the friendly Latvian people welcomed us warmly. One thing led to another until we had so many leads and contacts that we were not able to follow up on them all. One highlight was learning about a needy home for special needs children out in the countryside. The director was very thankful for the boots and other clothing items that we had brought with us. In downtown Riga we donated clothing to the poor and volunteered at a charitable soup kitchen.

We made lots of new friends and look forward to spending more time in this formerly Soviet bloc country.

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