HHB Featured on Popular “NightLight” Program!

Recently we were invited by Simon Peterson, host of the popular “NightLight” radio program that airs out of Uganda and reaches hundreds of thousands across all of east Africa, to be guests on his show. We did the interview over Skype and just received notice that the show has now gone live. We invite you to listen via Sound Cloud by clicking on the link: https://soundcloud.com/christarecords/60-nightlight-unplugged-from-the-norm

In the program Simon asks us to comment on our book “Unplugged from the Norm” that was released last year in September. The book documents how we have been dedicating our lives over the past 40 years to helping those in need while living purely “by faith” with no fixed source of income.

If you would like a copy of “Unplugged from the Norm”, write us today at:  or*************@gm***.com

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