Training and seminars

Healing Hearts Balkans hosts and stages a variety of workshops and training seminars for youth and adults alike. The expertise gained from over 17 years in the volatile region of the former Yugoslavia has equipped us to transfer that knowledge and ability to others, so that they too can help to change their part of the world. View photos here.

HHB Featured on Popular “NightLight” Program!

Recently we were invited by Simon Peterson, host of the popular “NightLight” radio program to be guests on his show. It has now gone live and we invite you to listen via Sound Cloud by going over to the full article and clicking on the link.

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Youth Counseling at EXIT 2012

The EXIT rock music festival in Novi Sad, Serbia, was originally designed in 2000 to be a way of escape or “exit” for Serbian youth from the then existing system of old Yugoslavia under Slobodan Milosevic. We had our first experience counseling youth at the EXIT festival after moving from Kosovo to Novi Sad in 2004. From its humble beginnings, EXIT fest has gained much popularity across Europe and has since become one of the most popular summer festival destinations for tens of thousands of European youth.

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Easter Retreat/Seminar for Christian Volunteers from 15 Countries

Over the long Easter weekend in April, 2012 we were able to host our 2nd Annual Easter Retreat/Seminar for Christian Volunteers. All together we had 40 attendees who had traveled from 15 different countries (including Mexico, Canada, and Fiji) come together to enjoy five days in the pristine Fruška Gora hills on the south bank of the Danube River above Novi Sad, Serbia.

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